WengerOut Protest Continues As Arsenal Fans LightUp Emirates Ahead Of Derby Game-The longest serving manager in the premier so far future continues to rages as arsenal supporters made their voices heard again around the city of London as the stage out protest in Highbury and marble Arch.

The fans with their protest further put pressure on the manager who has refuse to discuss his future recently as the gunners boss.

The fans took the images of the protest to twitter as the manager prepare himself and his team ahead of the London derby showdown in white hart lane on Sunday.

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‘WengerOut’ was projected on to the side of former ground Highbury as well as the club’s current home the Emirates.

The fans who are already frustrated with wengers decision on the club and lack of trophy and arsenal always having nothing to show on the champions league as their are knockout by German champions bayern munchen last month want wenger to leave the club he has manage for over 20 years.

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