Wechat Register Without Phone Number

Wechat Register Without Phone Number-Sign Up Wechat Account

Is not a rocket science for a user to a have wechat account without entering a phone number during the registration process all you need is to read below to find out we just got that covered in this article.

But before, We get started it may interest you to know that Wechat is a Chinese social media platform mostly use for instant messaging developed by Tencent, The social media platform is one of the largest standalone messaging apps with more than 889 millions active users with good features not found elsewhere.

To arrive successfully on wechat register without phone number you have to register first with your mobile phone number, then unlink it later, The first question that will continue to the mind of many is
How will unlink my phone number
How is That possible
Will the wechat messenger app work again.

Guess what! We have that covered in this article and lets give you a quick tip.

First you can use any mobile that Tencent group supports, the china number one internet value added services or you can hire a china virtual assistant to help you.

Wechat is not left out it possess some great features what discussing and you will appreciate it… See Below.

  • It provides users with text messaging, video games, image sharing, video sharing ability and hold-to-hold talk voice messaging.
  • Using emoji for expression is a current trend on social media and wechat got that covered.
  • Translates to any language of your choice with the wechat languages translator.
  • Embellish your images with filters and caption.
  • Wechat affiliates with many other social media company such as Facebook and Tencent QQ to give a mind blowing satisfaction.

Wechat Register Without Phone Number-Sign Up Wechat Account

To get started with wechat sign up without phone number follow the simple directive below…Thanks

  • Visit the official website of www.wechat.com
  • You will see a clear view of the wechat page, click “Sign Up” button, Enter your nickname, password, mobile number and avatar.
  • Ok Then click “Sign Up”, Confirm your mobile number, then click “OK” button again.
  • Instantly, you will get a verification code from wechat, Enter it in the provided space.
  • Kindly choose to add contacts in address book, or you can skip, Simply on your choice.
  • Then, Click “Link QQ To Find More Friends” in the wechat interface.
  • Enter your mobile number and password.
  • Finish the link, back to home, then click “Me” “Setting”
  • Click “Phone icon” then click’ on the top right.
  • Finally, Then click “Unlink” to unlink the mobile phone number.

I hope this article was of help! Use the COMMENT BOX below to share your views and contributions on Wechat Register Without Phone Number-Sign Up Wechat Account…….Thanks

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