Soulja Boy – Cotton Candy

Soulja Boy – Cotton Candy-This weekend, Kid Buu threw accusations in the direction of Nav and Lil Uzi Vert as he asserted that the two men ripped off his “Dead Roses” track for their most recent “Wanted You” collaboration.

Soulja is back with another SoundCloud drop.
Soulja Boy is switching up his sound on his most recent SoundCloud release. “Cotton Candy” is driven by the rapper’s auto-tuned falsetto, putting him somewhere between Lil Yachty and Future on “Codeine Crazy.” While it’s new territory for Soulja, he does it well, resulting in a short, dreamy track that could be played alongside a lot of the newer rap artists of the day without sacrificing Soulja’s personality. For a time, there was a rumor that Soulja and Lil B would be reviving their Pretty Boy Millionaires tape with Lil Yachty. After that, Yachty and Soulja had somewhat of a falling out. It’s unclear if they’re on good terms now, but looking at Soulja’s latest musical tangent, it could be interesting to hear the two rappers interact. Look out for more from Soulja Boy, who’s been sharing regular loosies on SoundCloud, in the near future.

Soulja Boy – Cotton Candy

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