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Marlo ft Gunna – Good Dope

Marlo ft Gunna – Good Dope-A week after playing the victim in a Twitter hack job, Gunna is back to talking hood confidentiality. On Marlo’s “Good Dope,” a record produced by CheeseBeats, Gunna goes bar for bar listing how you shouldn’t move with the bag handy. Marlo, himself a Quality Control signee, tag teams a very imagistic chorus with Yung Gunna. Balmains, Lawyers and plenty of expenses get called out, all of which count against an invisible cap.

“Good Dope” by and large gives off an impression that both rappers understand the psychology of making money, sometimes to the effect of starting with a deficit before you see progress. Even so, both rappers appear unwilling to tuck their chains out of fear, because anticipation is key. The riches come with a simple caveat. With the right connections and right mindset, Marlo & Gunna feel invincible running up the score.

Quotable Lyrics:

N****s owe the mob, better pay they tab
Whole lot of money, gotta keep my strap
Tried to stop sippin’ syrup but a n**** relapsed
Bangin’ my gang like a motherfuckin’ frat
I don’t love a ho, I can never get attached
Gave your ass a loan and you better bring it back
Push up on your ho, she was lookin’ like a snack
N****s play tough ’til a n**** get whacked
All the coupes fast, n**** might as well drag

Marlo ft Gunna – Good Dope

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