How You Can Borrow Real Money ( Naira ) From Etisalat To Your Bank Account

How You Can Borrow Money From Etisalat-Wow, You can now borrow real cash from Etisalat without any collateral directly to your bank account.

The loan system is called the KwikCash for all etisalat subscribers, although the service currently have not gotten to everybody as only few people receive the message from 561, but there are making sure it got to everybody as times goes by. Fortunately i receive the message and look exactly what etisalat send to me and guess what? I tried and it worked within 3 minutes.

How Does The Service Work (KwikCash )

  • You must have used your etisalat sim for a reasonable time.


  • Your loan grows with good payment history, in the sense that you are expected to pay back the money within two weeks from the day you borrowed the money and anytime more than that you are not having a good payment history.


  • No collateral needed or any personal information needed.


  • As you go your borrowing strength will be increasing from 1k to 100k.


  • 1% daily interest rate for example as you expected to pay within two weeks 5k will amount to 5 thousand 6 hundred.

Steps On How You Can Borrow Money From Etisalat

  • Below is the steps to borrow money from etisalat if you are eligible to borrow.


  • Dial this code on your phone *561#


  • Reply with 1 when the pop up message displays, which will bring up the various amount that you are eligible to borrow.


  • Kindly choose the amount you want to borrow and proceed to the next option.


  • Enter your bank account details when needed and within three minutes, you will receive alert on your account.

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How You Can Borrow Money From Etisalat

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