1. Hello I have downloaded the wechat app but I cannot create an account. I registered with my phone number, got the code and entered it. Instead of creating an account it takes me back to the log in or sign up page.
    When I log in with the phone number and password I created, it doesn’t work but goes back to log in and sign up page. Why is it so

    1. upjistblog says:

      Retry it and see if it will happen again.
      which country are you in?

      1. I love this app already from what I have heard but I can not sign-up. I have the app and many times have tried to enter info as required but can not send me the cord. I have also deleted and redownload wechat app. Please help me

  2. Hi,
    I downloaded and installed WeChat on my Blackberry 9720. When I try to create an account, it says that the verification SMS is sent to my number, but I haven’t received it! How do I proceed now?

      1. Have been re-trying it for days now. I always get the same result…

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