Create A Viber Account Without Phone Number

How To Create A Viber Account Without Phone Number

Create A Viber Account Without Phone Number-Hi Buddies, In this article i will showing the guide you need on how to create a viber account without a mobile phone number, This simple means that you don’t need a smartphone only to use viber account. PC/Computer users can as well use viber. After the end of this post you will learn how to do that.

What is VIBER ?

Just like Skype, Imo, KIK, Viber is a cross instant messaging app and voice over IP (VoIP) application owned and managed by the Japanese company Rakuten after it acquired from the isreal-based viber media in 2014. The app is available in Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS platforms.

In addition to instant messaging it allows users to exchange media such as images and videorecords, texts, files of all format etc. The Viber app is free for download.

If the question is how you can use viber without a phone number? then we got that covered here.

How To Create A Viber Account Without Phone Number

Using a viber without a phone number connotes using a viber on your PC, as most uses of PC/Computer have actually given up on using Viber we want to assure that after this post you will have viber on your PC without a smartphone.

Guides to Install Viber Without a Smartphone

  • Download and install Bluestacks app on your PC, After installation open the Bluetsacks.
  • Click on My Apps you will find few default apps into this then, click On “Search box’
  • Search for “Viber” then download and install viber on your PC.
  • Now you have Viber in BlueStacks its time to start using it
  • Go to my apps in BluesStacks and click on Viber
  • Viber will require you to enter your contact number, do it.
  • In next few seconds you should get a code through message on you Mobile by Viber, enter that code in Viber app
  • Now you can add the contacts you want to Chat with through viber and enjoy it.

Meanwhile, You will experience that BlueStacks works slow on PC and its difficult to use Viber in Bluestacks that is pretty annoying. Now the next step is to install Viber PC app on your computer. Note installing BlueStacks on your computer will work as your Smart Phone.

  • Go to Viber website and install Viber on your PC Viber without Smartphone
  • After installation it will ask you if you have installed Viber on your cell then click on Yes
  • You will get a message on your Smart Phone (BlueStacks) copy that code in the Viber PC app
  • There you go enjoy Viber on your PC that works faster that Viber in BlueStacks

Please Note: Viber PC app will only show the contacts that you have in your Viber app being installed in BlueStacks so make sure that you add all important contacts in BlueStacks Viber app manually. When you are done with that and you have all contacts on your Viber PC app then please uninstall BlueStacks and ENJOY the faster and user friendly PC App.

How To Create A Viber Account Without Phone Number

Creating a viber account without a mobile phone number is same as creating as using a viber account without a smartphone, because is only in PC/computer that you can use a viber account without a phone number.

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