How To Add Friends On Snapchat From Facebook

How To Add Friends On Snapchat From Facebook

How To Add Friends On Snapchat From Facebook-Hi Buddy, I just discovered how you can add friends on snapchat from your Facebook social media account, is simple and very easy to do all you need to do is to follow the below tutorials on how to add friends on snapchat from Facebook, But before we move over to that lets me share some tips about snapchat.

Snapchat is an image App and multimedia mobile Application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, the spachat app is available in Android and iOS device. Main concept of Snapchat is were users can come and share images that are explicitly short-lived and self-deleting which will encourage flow of interaction.

Meanwhile, Snapchat have many awesome features which you are going to be enjoying when you finally add your friends from Facebook.

Awesome Features of Snapchat

  • Enjoy snapchat Audio and video calls.


  • Use snapchat filters, effects, text captions and drawings and edit your “Snaps”


  • Snapchat have a “Geofilters” which allows special graphical overlays to be available if a user in within a certain geographical area such as city, event or destination.


  • Follow live trending as its stream on snapchat.


  • Friends can also be added via usernames, phone contacts, snapcodes or via the “Add Nearby” function.

How To Add Friends On Snapchat From Facebook

  • Go To your phone, Click “Settings” button, scroll down, Tap On your Facebook App” Once it open, scroll down, Then Update your phone contacts.


  • Once the contacts loads, then open your Snapchat App.


  • Once the Snapchat App opens, click Add Friends” button, in between “Added Me & My Friends” button.


  • Then on the next screen, Click “Add from Address Book


  • Then, your contacts address will open, Click  On the Name on the friend to Invite To Address Snapchat.

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