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Download Palmchat App For Android | iOS | Nokia | Blackberry

Download Palmchat App For Android | iOS | Nokia | Blackberry-I have written a lot of articles on Palmchat such as Palmchat sign up and how to login on Palmchat with Facebook account and more. I decided to pick out this article on Palmchat App download because users will better enjoy Palmchat when their have the palmchat app on their smartphone.


Palmchat is not just a messaging app is also a dating platform for meeting great singles and once you have the palmchat app it will be easy for you to stay online with millions of singles worldwide. With many awesome features associated with this app you are sure of getting the best.

Awesome Features of Palmchat App

  • Use unlimited emoticon to spice up your chat With your loves ones.
  • Free to download anytime and anywhere.
  • Receive notifications message while offline.
  • Just like other great messaging app like wechat you can create Palmchat official account for companies and organizations.
  • Meet instantly with millions of fine boys and girls.
  • Palmchat App works with data or Wi-Fi network of 2G, 3G or 4G.
  • Palmchat offers you awesome photos gallery to save your cute photos.
  • It allows video conferencing or one one one chat with friends.
  • Users privacy are guaranteed with Palmchat.

All this and more are what you are going to be enjoying when you must have downloaded the palmchat app for Android, iPhone, Nokia and blackberry.

How To Download Palmchat App For Android, iOS, Nokia and blackberry.

  • Go to, the official homepage.
  • Click the download button on the homepage.
  • Then, click your device to download.
  • Install the app and set it ready for use.

Meanwhile, In case you have not created Palmchat account before now click here to follow the instructions to create Palmchat account.

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