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Download Flash Share For Windows /7/8/10 Free APK

Download Flash Share For Windows /7/8/10 Free Apk-Flash share is now out for windows phone users, is available for all the windows ranging from 7, 8 and 10. Flash share app is an app build to transfer apps, music, file, document and PDF files free. The good thing about flash share app is it speed in transferring device. Meanwhile, In this article i will be helping you with the process to download flash share for windows phones.

Meanwhile, Many got confuse about the difference between flash share and Xender saying that flash share and xender are two different app for transferring apps and other materials from smartphones, But after my research i got to found out that flash share and Xender have no difference, Although flash share is know as Xender now by default as new smartphones began to use it which windows phone is among.

However, Flash share have may awesome features which and for that is the more reasons many people prefer to use it more than any other file transferring device in the world and those awesome features is what have actually made flash share better and good.

Awesome Features of Flash Share

  • Flash share is free to download
  • You don’t need to subscribe to use flash share.
  • Share files like music, videos, games, Apps and more with flash share.
  • Flash share is the fastest sharing app in the world.
  • Flash share allows transferring and receiving of files at same time.
  • Free from virus.

User Guide | How To Use Flash Share For Windows

When i first downloaded the app and installed successfully on my device i got to fund out that you need to have the knowledge of the app before you use it successfully and that is why wouldn’t want to leave you to start wondering on how to use flash share. However, If you are new in flash share follow the process below to use it.

Open the App by clicking the app icon on your phone, When the app opens click on “Connect” Then still do the same on the phone you wants to transfer to or receive files from.

Kindly, Click on “Create Group” On any of them and tape on “Join Now” on the other phone it will automatically connect to each other and you can start sending files.

Then start taping the app you want to send and shake the phone and it will automatically transfer your files.

Download Flash Share For Windows /7/8/10 Free APK

However, In order to download the flash share app, Click on the link below.

After downloading the flash share app , Install it on your phone and get ready for use.

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