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Black Thought – 9th Vs Thought


Black Thought and 9th Vs Wonder hold it down for hip-hop on “9th Vs. Thought.”
Had to get this one up on the panel. It’s not everyday that Black Thought and 9th Wonder engage in a trial by combat like the Wu Tang Shaloin Soldiers of yore. Yet such is the era we live in. Anything can truy happen. In case you missed it, Black Thought and 9th Wonder dropped off a collaborative EP by the name of Streams Of Thought Vol 1. The project should serve to resuscitate the notion that hip-hop has moved away from lyricism. It’s still here, provided you’re willing to seek it out.

Enter “9th Vs Thought,” a near-three minute lyrical barrage. It’s all present, from multis to punchlines, with the classic Black Thought vernacular on display. “Don’t give a damn, not a mortal could test me, see I don’t get examed,” raps Black Thought, proving the ten minute Funk Flex freestyle was simply the warm-up. “I’m a high priest and and a wild beast, once warrior now chief, the mouth piece of the far East.” Few can boast a pen game this clinical. Those that come close undoubtedly dub Black Thought the Zeus of this business.

Keep a look out for volume two.

Quotable Lyrics

I don’t coincide aside with the oddness
Your highness is where the pantheon of the gods is, I promise
I’m known for bein’ brutally honest
If lyricism is spiritual to you then rewind this
I’ma kill ’em but it ain’t about to be with kindness
I believe the industry about to see a conquest
Changin’ all the mindset, money just a concept
Never been a object, even when my mother was livin’ up the project

Black Thought – 9th Vs Thought

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